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IBO Player stands out as one of the most powerful IPTV applications for Smart TVs, offering a perfect solution to replace Duplex Play, which is no longer available on the Samsung or LG stores. It's important to note that IBO Player doesn't offer integrated channels or lists, so it's [...].

The best IPTV applications for Samsung and LG Smart TVs

Home Over time, IPTV has redefined our vision of television. It allows you to watch TV streaming over the Internet. Samsung and LG Smart TV users should discover what it's like to perfect the user experience by choosing the right IPTV application. Discover the main applications in use today, along with their [...]

How do I install and configure Smart Iptv?

How To Install And Configure Smart Iptv

IPTV applications offer a multitude of options, enabling users to stream channels to different devices. However, levels of quality and compatibility differ greatly from one application to another. Some are free, while others have to be paid for, and all have significant disparities when it comes to functionality and user-friendliness.One of the [...]