Are you looking for a stable, easy-to-use IPTV solution to watch your favorite shows? Flix IPTV meets this need. It offers functionalities and can be installed on several devices. This includes Samsung Smart TV, LG WebOS, Android TV, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV or FireStick.

Easy to install Flix IPTV. Start by searching for the app in your device's app store.

Once installed, use a playlist or a m3u link to watch programs. Visit configuration asks only m3u link and your device's MAC address.


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Announce your subscription after this step. Flix IPTV offers a free one-week trial. After that, the service costs €7.99 for lifetime access on one device.

Flix IPTV is superb for Smart TVs. Take advantage of the free one-week trial. You'll see why it's one of the best IPTV apps around.

Key points to remember :

  • Flix IPTV works with many devices, including Samsung and LG Smart TVs, Android TV, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV/Stick.
  • You can customize the subtitles and choose from over 17 languages.
  • On Android and iOS, you can choose MX Player or VLC Player as your video player.
  • After a free week, activate your account for €7.99 for lifetime access on one device.

Flix IPTV features

Flix IPTV has a lot to offer. Users will find many useful options in its menu.

The interface language can be selected from among 17 available.

The appearance can be modified using various themes. This helps everyone to make the application unique.

When it comes to video playback, you can choose between MX Player and VLC Player. These two familiar options are very practical.

For subtitlesYou can adjust them to your taste. Size, color and background are easy to choose.

There's even more to discover. You can mark your favorite videos, hide certain categories, and add multiple playlists.

Features of Flix IPTV
Languages Available languages More than 17 languages (Over 17 languages)
Themes Customizable themes Yes
External drives (External players) MX Player, VLC Player
Subtitles Customizable subtitles Yes
Favorite lists Yes
Parental controls Yes

Installation and configuration of Flix IPTV (Installation and configuration of Flix IPTV)

Flix IPTV application makes streaming possible IPTV about Smart TVs. Follow these steps to install and start enjoying IPTV :

Flix iptv mac adress

  1. Start by downloading Flix. You'll find it in the app stores of your Smart TV.
  2. You'll need a m3u link and the MAC address of your device to configure the application. This is to activate your subscription.
  3. Your IPTV provider will normally give you the m3u link. Use bit.ly to shorten it. It will be easier to copy.
  4. The MAC address is displayed in Flix. Make a note of it, as it will be used to activate your subscription.
  5. Go to the Flix IPTV website: https://flixiptv.eu/mylist to enter the m3u link and MAC address. Follow the steps activation.
  6. After filling in the form, refresh the playlist in the application. This will update your info.

flix iptv configuration

After these stepsyour IPTV subscription will be ready. You can adjust settings such as subtitles and favorites. For help, consult the Flix IPTV documentation or contact support.


This application is seen as the top IPTV application. Thanks to its functionalities and ease of use. It offers a wide choice of TV channels from all over the world. There are also movies and series to watch whenever you want.

Flix IPTV offers flexible packages to suit all budgets. Compared with cable TV, it's less expensive. This makes it a great value option.

A great advantage is that it works on several devices. So it's perfect for families with different TV tastes. You can even adjust the lists and settings to suit you.

The application is very easy to use. It has a clear interface with efficient search. Navigating channels and content is simple.


How do I install Flix IPTV on my device?

Search for Flix IPTV in the appropriate application store. For example, on Samsung Smart or LG WebOS TVs, as well as on Android TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV or FireStick.

How do I configure Flix IPTV?

To set up, enter a m3u link and MAC address. You'll find the m3u link for the lists. The MAC address is displayed in the app. Enter this information on the Flix IPTV website.

Then restart the application or refresh the lists. The changes will take effect.

How do I activate Flix IPTV and how much does it cost?

To activate, purchase a €7.99 subscription for lifetime access on one device. Pay via the activation page on their site.

What features does Flix IPTV offer?

Flix IPTV has many advantages. It supports over 17 languages. You can change the look and feel with themes.

You can also use external drives like MX Player and VLC Player. Flix lets you customize subtitles, add favorites and choose playlists or servers.

What's the best IPTV application?

Flix is one of the best applications around. It is rich in functionalities and is easy to personalize. Sound installation is simple. The application remains stable even with a lot of content. It's an excellent choice for IPTV on connected TVs.

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