NET IPTV is very popular for watching TV on Smart TV. Let's take a look at what it has to offer and how to install it. This will help you get the most out of your viewing experience.


NET IPTV features

It's a IPTV application versatile and strong. It really improves your streaming. Let's discover its strengths :

  • Extended compatibility : has been running on SAMSUNG Smart TVs since 2016, and on LG (WebOS). It also works on Android, iOS and the Fire Stick. So you can see everything you love on many devices.
  • Multiple playlist support : You can add up to 4 playlists to NET IPTV. That means more choice, more channels and more content you like.
  • Subtitle options :  offers you the subtitles. Watch movies and TV shows in your favorite language. Visit subtitles enhance your experience.
  • Integrated search function : Search and find what you want to see quickly with NET IPTV. Enter the title on the research.

Discover our IPTV service

It makes your streaming more personal and easy. You'll find live broadcasts, movies and sports. It's the ideal tool for your streaming.

Features NET IPTV
Compatibility Smart TV SAMSUNG (Tizen OS), LG (WebOS), Android, iOS, Fire Stick
Number of playlists supported Up to 4 playlists (M3U links)
Options for subtitles Available at
Function of research Integrated

NET IPTV configuration guide

Here's a step-by-step guide to using NET IPTV on your Smart TV. Follow these steps to configure your subscription.

Step 1: Check your Smart TV's compatibility

For now, NET IPTV works on Samsung 2016 Smart TVs (with Tizen OS) and LGs (with WebOS). It also works on Android, iOS and Fire Stick devices. Before proceeding, check whether your TV can use it.

Step 2: Subscription and activation plans

NET IPTV offers a 7-day free trial. After that, you can choose a 24-month subscription for €5.79. Or take out a lifetime subscription for €13.79.

Step 3: Recover your application's MAC address

net iptv subscription

To activate your subscription, you need the MAC address of your device. This address is different for each device. You'll find it in your application settings.

Net iptv Mac address

Step 4: Enter the MAC address on the

Once you've found your MAC addressgo to Enter this address in the field provided. This will link your subscription to your TV.


Step 5: Relaunch the application to load the playlist

To finish the configurationThen restart the application on your TV. It will load your playlist. Then you can watch your favorite channels.

It's best to have a good internet connection to watch without worries. Always update your playlist to see new channels. What's more, using a VPN helps you stay private and access more content.

You can change the app's appearance, such as colors and fonts. This makes use more personal.

Finally, take advantage of advanced features such as program recording. These options make using NET IPTV even better on your Smart TV.


Key points to remember :

  • Compatible with a wide range of Smart TVs and devices.
  • You can add up to four playlists.
  • Try it free for 7 days before choosing your subscription.
  • Choose between two plans: a 24-month plan for €5.79 and an unlimited plan for €13.79.
  • Here is the direct link to the activation page:
  • Follow our guide to install it and get the most out of NET IPTV.


Perfect for watching channels from all over the world on your Smart TV. You can record your programs with subtitles. It enhances the way you watch TV. The application works with many different devices.

To watch channels, you need an IPTV subscription. Supporting easy registration on their site, Net IPTV offers several options. For added security, we recommend using a VPN.

Regularly update your playlist with new channels. You can also change the look and feel of the interface. It gives you plenty of ways to personalize your experience and watch what you want.

The application guarantees superb streaming quality with its advanced technology. Prices are also very competitive. This makes the service cheaper and higher quality than other subscriptions.


What are NET IPTV's features?

NET IPTV has a lot to offer, including compatibility with M3U lists. You can manage your subscriptions. There's a research to find what you want fast. NET IPTV supports subtitles and more.

How do I configure NET IPTV on my Smart TV?

Follow these steps to set up the space on your Smart TV: 1. make a note of your MAC address on the Smart TV. 2. go to the NET IPTV website and choose a plan. 3. Enter your MAC address and pay for activation. 4. You will receive the M3U link by e-mail. 5. Use the M3U link in the NET IPTV app on your TV. 6. Now you can watch your programs.

How long does it take to activate my NET IPTV subscription?

Your NET IPTV subscription will usually be active within a day of payment.

Is NET IPTV compatible with all Smart TV brands?

Most brands, such as Samsung, LG and Sony, work well. But first check whether your TV model supports external apps. Check the NET IPTV site for info before you buy.

What activation plans are available for NET IPTV?

Choose from monthly, quarterly or annual plans. Select what suits your needs and budget.

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