SET IPTV works on smart TV Samsung (Tizen OS), LG (Web OS), and Android devices like smart iptv. It's known for being easy to set up and its excellent video encoder. You can add content via links m3u. It also supports configuration via Xtream-codes.

To activate SET IPTVyou need a m3u link or Xtream-codes information. You'll have to pay 15 euros for activation. But before that, you have one week to test it for free.

Whether you choose a m3u link or Xtream-codes, it's easy to set up. Customize SET IPTV for high-quality streaming on your smart TV.


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Key points:

  • SET IPTV is a application compatible with smart TV Samsung, LG and Android devices.
  • The application is easy to set up and offers high-quality streaming thanks to its high-performance video encoder.
  • SET IPTV supports m3u and the Xtream-codes method for the configuration.
  • A payment of 15 euros is required to activate SET IPTV for life, after a 7-day free trial period.

Setting up SET IPTV with a m3u link

To configure SET IPTV with a m3u linkfollow these simple steps:

  1. Open it. Note the MAC address displayed on the screen.
  2. In your browser, go to Enter the MAC address in the TV MAC field.
  3. Choose "Playlist link". Paste the link m3u in the m3u URL field.
  4. Check the Captcha option. Then click on "Send".
  5. Restart your TV. Then open SET IPTV again to view channels and videos.

Configuration steps Description
Step 1 Open SET IPTV. Note the MAC address displayed.
Step 2 Go to in your browser. Enter the MAC address in the TV MAC field.
Step 3 Choose "Playlist link". Then paste the m3u link into the m3u URL field.
Step 4 Enter the Captcha. Then press the "Send" button.
Step 5 Restart your TV. Open the application again to view the contents.

Setting up SET IPTV with Xtream codes

To configure SET IPTV via Xtream codesfollow these simple steps:

  1. Open the application on your device.
  2. Enter your subscription information, received from your supplier, in the fields :
  • The portal URL is the address for viewing IPTV channels.
  • Enter the username provided by your IPTV provider.
  • Enter the password provided by your IPTV provider.
  • Be sure to enter all data correctly to avoid connection problems.
  • Then click to validate and connect your IPTV subscription.

After the configurationtake advantage of SET IPTV with the Xtream codes. Access a wide range of channels and streaming content on your device.


Subscription enhances the way you watch TV. It offers thousands of channels and movies on your smart TV. For a crisp picture, it supports 4K resolution.

A good, uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection is crucial. It prevents your film from being interrupted.

Some smart TVs have HDMI, USB and Bluetooth ports. This allows you to connect various gadgets. For example, Blu-ray players or games consoles.

Choose a subscription with a good service. Make sure it meets your needs, whether you want to watch movies, series or sports. The provider's reputation also counts.

It's easy to set up on your Samsung TV. Just connect to the Internet and download the application. Customize picture quality and sound for a great experience.

If you're having problems, forums and social networks can help.


How do I configure my subscription to SET IPTV?

To set up your subscription, choose between a m3u or Xtream-codes link. Once chosen, activate it by paying 15 euros. Note that there is a free one-week trial period.

How do I configure SET IPTV with a m3u link?

Setting up the m3u link requires a few simple steps. Start SET IPTV to see your MAC address. Then go to this link and enter your MAC address. Select Playlist link and place the m3u link in the reserved field. Fill in the captcha and send. Finally, restart to access your channels and videos.

How do I configure SET IPTV with Xtream codes?

Configure the application with Xtream codes follows the same principle. Once you've obtained your MAC, go to the m3u links page. Click on Xtream-codes infos and fill in the fields with your subscription details. This will enable SET IPTV to load the channels correctly.

What are the features of SET IPTV?

 Is compatible with various devices such as Samsung and LG smart TVs, as well as Android devices. It's a application easy-to-install, with superior video quality. You can use it with m3u or Xtream-codes links.

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